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Greg Erickson

 Bryan Broberg was very professional and answerded all my questions. i am happy with th service. thanks bryan from Greg Erickson

Tim Johnson

After a quick call to the office about our garage door probems, I was told a technition could be at our home in Minnetonka yet that afternoon, be able to give us a fair and accurate estimate, and complete his work "to our satisfaction". We were MORE than pleased with the way Service Repair Specialist, Josh Schindele performed ALL that was promised in such a fast and precise manner! I was able too keep my 3:20 pm appointment. This young man truly made my day!

Jim P.

Our door has begun reversing itself when trying to shut. Happens in afternoons in hot sun. Even though there was no urgency the technician came quickly, and assessed the situation as a weakness of design in our old Genie system: sunlight on the motion detectors was causing the door to reverse. I was pleased that he came up with such a simple solution which did not require any immediate action. I opted to have the very worn rollers replaced after receiving a cost estimate.
Yes, the technician did suggest a cost deal if I should decide to replace the old operator mechanism, along with new springs and cables, but did not push it. At some point the work will have to be done but I chose not to do it now. I think these kinds of suggestions are common practice in this business. 
In summary, they got here fast, provided a simple solution, and made a non-pushy suggestion for eventual replacement before something breaks. Seems good to me.

Lori Goodsell

 Very much appreciated their honesty even though I didn't want to hear all that was wrong with my garage door. I tried to get away without following all his recommendations which of course didn't work. My advice, if Chris recommends it, your garage door needs it. Listen to him so you only need him to come out once.

Brent Carlson

We called Reliable and they were very professional, nice and in no way pushy. We set up appt. and they came out at said time. James Whittle was the tech and was great in telling not only did the one spring need replacement but the other should be done as well as well as the door was in poor condition. I advised him that we could only get the one spring done at this time and hopefully soon we would be able to get the door replaced. He was very understanding and did not push anything else onto me. He was very friendly, professional and overall great. When we do get the door done, we defiantly will use reliable and really hope that James is one of the techs to come install it. Great job James and Thank you!