Redefining Home Service One
Client at a Time


Our mission is to set the standard for amazing client experiences, everyday. In your time of need, you want consistency, certainty and understanding. In your time of need, you want Reliable.

We don’t just embrace being reliable, it’s who we are. It’s what we believe in. It’s our North Star. And embracing it, changes everything.

Install just finished for a door opener in our 3rd stall. Bryan Broberg was the installer and was fast, informative, and friendly. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that his work looks so nice it makes our other opener look bad! We will definitely be recommending RGD to family, friends, and clients.

Richard R.

We value our customers. Our 5 Star rating on Google reflects that. We are dedicated to earning your business through our quality work and attentive customer service

Scott Hill, Owner – Reliable Garage Door

Called for quick service and repair of a broken spring. Joe from Reliable came right out, replaced what was broken and got my door in perfect working order. Fast, super friendly, and totally lived up to the name of Reliable Garage Door!

Llyod Cheney

You’re in Control

Putting Service Back in the Home

From the very beginning, you are in the driver’s seat. Neither our Client Service Team nor our Technicians earn commission on appointments or sales. You decide if you want us to come out for a free quote and you decide what work you ultimately choose to have performed. You will not be pressured. Ever.

Complete Client Care

We don’t just talk about redefining home services, we are actually doing something about it. Reliable is the only garage door service company in the Twin Cities that includes an extended parts AND labor warranty. If you have a claim, it will not cost you a penny. We would never charge you a labor fee to send a Technician out and fix an issue covered by your warranty. That’s just not fair. That’s not Reliable.

Hidden Care

Our vehicles are clean, our shirts are pressed and our products are top quality. It’s easy to show how much we care when we are right in front of you. However, we spend just as much time, if not more, working on all the systems, processes and facilities that our clients will never see, but have a huge affect on the overall client experience. With our new warehouse fulfillment model, technicians receive the products they need without commuting to a shop. All vehicles are custom designed and fabricated to keep products undamaged and to allow Technicians to service your garage as efficiently as possible. We have invested in cutting-edge technology including a plasma cutting table and 3D printers in order to quickly create and test new tools and prototypes that will allow our team to serve you better. You may not see these things, but you will definitely feel the results in every interaction with Reliable.

With our new warehouse fulfillment model, technicians receive the product they need without commuting to a shop. Allowing them to start and end their day anywhere they call home across the Twin Cities area.