Openers are our life, so you can live yours

We rarely think about them, but the second an opener stops working, getting a repair or a replacement often becomes our number one priority. Here at Reliable Garage Door we understand how important a working garage door can be. A working garage door opener isn’t just a small convenience, it’s going to the store for medicine. It’s getting to that birthday party before the cake is gone. It’s freedom. All of our Technicians have been trained to service any opener that you may have and our vans come fully stocked with a variety of new openers that we can install immediately, on our first visit. Take a look below to learn more about all of your opener options.


The Next Generation of openers is here. LiftMaster has upgraded their opener line to include strong DC motors with quiet belt-drive operation and built-in Wi-Fi to keep you connected from anywhere!

Specialty Openers

With so many types of garage doors, there are times a specialty side-mounted opener is just what’s needed for your custom set up.


Smart phones, keypads, wall buttons, batteries and replacement parts, we’ve got you covered! We carry the latest technology to provide you with the best garage door accessories at fair prices!

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